Наверняка, у многих из вас есть эта книжка. Я купила ее в прошлом году и ужасно разочаровалась. Мое 💔 разбилось от русского перевода. Гос-жа М.Виноградова попыталась смешать воду с маслом, чтобы сделать мороженое для русских детишек. Вместо традиционного Рождества зачем-то в тексте Новый год, вместо Санты - Дед Мороз, которого переводчик к тому же заставил летать на санях. Бедный Дед 🙈 Мне стало понятно, что по-русски это читать не годится и Я долго искала Карлхена в английском переводе, но не нашла. Пришлось сделать собственный перевод на основе русского. Если вы так же принципиальны в тонкостях культуры празднования и перевода, как и я, то мой перевод, одобренный носителем, к вашим услугам.

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Merry Christmas, Karlchen!
Karlhen is always excited before Christmas.
- When will it be dark? - he asks his mom.
- And what about presents?
- Does Santa Claus really fly in his magic sleigh?
And this goes on all day long.
Look, Karlchen, says Dad after lunch, - why don't you go outside and make a snowman?
- No, replies Karlchen, - I have a better idea.
He puts on his coat, boots, mittens and goes out.
The lawn behind the house was completely covered with snow.
First, Karlchen finds four twigs and puts them in the snow.
One twig for a corner.
Then he takes a big snow shovel from the shed.
Karlchen clears a large field of the snow.
It got dark while he was working.
- Dad, - Karlchen calls, - I need your help!
Could you bring those candles which we lit in the garden in summer, please!
Dad looks out of the window.
- Why?
- Why don't you understand! I've made an airfield for Santa's sleigh. And now I need beacons.
Dad brings a box with multicoloured candle holders.
They put five lit candles along each side of the airfield:
five of red, five of yellow, five of green and five of blue.
- That was a great idea of yours, son, says Dad. - Now Santa can see your airfield in the dark.
At night, Karlchen and his mom are looking out of the window at the candles.
- Maybe we're lucky to see Santa's landing, - whispers Karlchen.
-Maybe Santa has already come? - whispers Mom in return. - It seems to me I've heard the door creak. Let's go and see.
- Wow! There was a gorgeous Christmas Tree with lots of presents under it. Two of them were for Clara and three for Karlchen.
All the gifts had labels with big letters for everyone to read his name.
How lucky that Karlchen could read!
First of all he opens the largest present.
- Hooray, an airplane, exclaimed Karlchen in a happy voice. - A real glider! Can I launch it right now?
- We'd better do it tomorrow, Karlchen. We'll launch it tomorrow morning in the yard. Besides, we can use the airfield you've made.